Have you heard about the Algarve? A small paradise located in Portugal that receives thousands of cyclists year after year. And the Cycling Routes in Algarve by Pegatin® are part of those paradisiac places that people can visit.

Beautiful sunsets, challenging roads, and a place you won’t take out of your mind once you leave. But there’s more. waiting for you to know

The Algarve is a place where people not only go cycling. There are fantastic beaches all over the region, amazing touristic places to visit, and of course, amazing weather that lasts all year long. And let’s not forget about the food, that’s something that you need to try out if you visit Algarve.

The End of the World (Cabo Sao Vicente)

For cyclists, the Cycling Routes in Algarve are a place that will let them challenge themselves from day one. Some ramps are both a challenge and something to enjoy while riding through them. It is fair to say that you will get a fantastic adventure, but have you wondered who will take you there?

One of the biggest issues when visiting a new place is that people might not know where to go, and that’s where we will help you out! Cycling Algarve will become your cycling guide in this paradise on earth for people like us. 

What does Cycling Algarve offer to cyclists?

Imagine that you are a cyclist, you took your bike with your to spend some awesome vacations, but there’s an issue. You don’t know where to go! But thanks to us, you will know each of the most important places in the region of Algarve. We know that you want to challenge yourself, and that’s what we will do with our guide through the cycling routes in Algarve.

Cycling Routes in Algarve

Our prepared guides, who also know those key places to visit, will take you all over the Algarve on amazing tours, the best thing? You’ll choose how long it will last! And something that is quite important, these tours will be completely personalized, you can go on your own, or maybe with some friends, but don’t worry about people you don’t really know. Ready to know about our packages?

  • Sunny Algarve Day: For those who are looking for a short adventure. A one-day package that will take you to some amazing places in the Algarve Region. Spend from two to four hours and enjoy our basic tour!
  • The Algarve Challenge: For those who want something spicier. A three-day package that will let you know more about this amazing place. Spend from two to four hours and prepare for what’s ahead!

  • The Algarve King: For those who truly want to challenge themselves. A five-day package that will take you to each corner in the region, and to the most challenging sites. Spend from two to four hours per day and be ready to become the next king of the Algarve!

We are excited to ride with you, so prepare yourself and we’ll meet in the Algarve!

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